The Outfit
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About The Outfit

The outfit is a family Located in some mafia games, To List a couple The Chicago underworld TCU, And The Mob life TML.

We are one of the largest families in the game and we are proud of our family members. The requirements to become a outfit member and stay a outfit member is loyalty! Be respectful to eachother, and remember the family is first.

we are Run by Unholyman, Nikki, And Bella Most the time, There are others that know what needs to be done and how to get it done. Stocker, Silent, .

Our Team

  • Nikki_Heat
  • Unholyman
  • Bella
  • Stocker
  • Cherry
  • Silent_e
  • Pretty Boy Floyd (PBF)
  • XO
  • XxX
  • Panther
  • Juvenile
  • Jeepers_Creepers
  • The_Woodsman
  • Micky_Blue_Eyes -MBE
  • The_Punnisher - SuperDave
  • Riffraffca (Retired)
  • Thor (Retired)
  • StonedStallone (retired)
  • Nathan25 (MIA)
  • Is your Name next!

Extended Family-Tablas and the Ryders






imageRiffraffca Retired