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By Unholyman Presenting The Outfit

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Just a little history about The Outfit, We was founded by Riffraffca. the family was created with family in mind, we are a true family in the mafia game.

There are new and old members that join in each day with us, We are allies with Tablas and the Ryders, The reason for allys is simple You can be the toughest family in the game and yet be over turned by all of the families joining against you.

With that in mind and a crew like Outfit we needed to join forces with a true family, Tablas was creating his own family and seemed to have the one key element that outfit looks for in their own members loyalty! Loyalty is above all. With Tablas being as loyal as he is to the families, we decided that his family (The Ryders) They would be a Good family to join a alliance with.

Family Of Outfit

This is our family

  • Nikki_Heat
  • Unholyman
  • Bella
  • Stocker
  • Cherry
  • Silent_e
  • Pretty Boy Floyd (PBF)
  • XO
  • XxX
  • Panther
  • Juvenile
  • Jeepers_Creepers
  • The_Woodsman
  • Micky_Blue_Eyes -MBE
  • The_Punnisher - SuperDave
  • StonedStallone
  • Nathan25 (MIA)
  • Riffraffca (Retired)
  • Thor (Retired)